NFL Athlete Eric Reid Launches Foundation With Student Impactathons to Empower Young Social Entrepreneurs and Social Justice Activists

This weekend, the Eric Reid Foundation launched a new effort to train and educate young leaders on strategies for impacting their communities as entrepreneurs and social justice advocates. In partnership with Innov8Social, the Eric Reid Foundation hosted its inaugural Student Impactathon® in Reid’s hometown, Baton Rouge, Louisiana on August 18, 2018 with local partners, including the Urban Restoration Enhancement Corporation (UREC).

During this inaugural impactathon, students were inspired by TED-Style “impact talks” from Reid, and two guest speakers, Jessica Byrd, founder of Three Point Strategies in New York City and Brandon “B-Mike” Odum, founder of Studio B in New Orleans. Students also participated in teams in a social impact business pitch competition, where the participants on the winning team would each win a $500 scholarship from the Eric Reid Foundation. Reid, however, decided while announcing the winning team to instead award each of the 30 students with a $500 scholarship totaling $15,000.  

The Eric Reid Foundation plans to continue hosting impactathons in other cities that include underrepresented and diverse communities. The impactathons will serve to foster a growing ecosystem of young leaders committed to social impact and personal growth as the next generation of social innovators, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

“I made my name as an athlete, but my life’s work is to empower and support young leaders,” said founder Eric Reid.  “Beyond onfield protests lies the hard work we are doing now with this Foundation to inspire leaders and activists to transform their lives, impact their communities, and carry the torch forward.”

The Eric Reid Foundation was recently launched by activist and NFL star, Eric Reid, to empower leaders and changemakers in underserved communities of color.  Today, with communities of color battling rising insecurity, growing wealth gaps and persistent disenfranchisement, the Eric Reid Foundation serves as a valuable new ally to all young people aspiring to emerge as the leaders their communities need and the organizations built to support them.

The Student Impactathon was hosted at the Estuary at The Water Campus – 1110 S. River Rd., Baton Rouge, LA 70802.  For more information on the event, please click here.


The Eric Reid Foundation is dedicated to fostering a new generation of leaders in social enterprise and community development from the most underserved communities. We envision a future where policymakers, community leaders, and individuals recognize and celebrate the contributions, professionalism and impact of social enterprises and community development organizations that are lead by millennial and gen-z leaders of color, formerly incarcerated folks of color, and women of color. Moreover, citizens, mainstream businesses and government will view these non-traditional leaders as critical partners in building and enhancing collective economic and community power.